The Travels of Dizzy Dave

Great Clown Adventures, Western Region Wrangling, and even some Ringling Ringers!

A surprise bonus of going to the Great Clown Adventure: Jim Howle, clown artist extraordinaire, was there
for one-on-one clownface design sessions. Between workshop sessions, three participants compare notes
and swap stories about their flights into Las Vegas

Two Tri-namic Trios are spotted in the wilds of the convention hall

Two clowns await make-up tips from Mark Renfro at the GCA, and I get to pose between Jim Howle and Earl Chaney, who headlined this year's event.

The GCA staff of instructors strike a pose like only clowns can, and local Las Vegas clown Wilmoe rides with me on the Circus Circus shuttle.

I get shot with four clowns currently on the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Blue Unit Clown Alley! I gotta get rid of that belly of mine -- if a camera is made that can *subtract* 30 pounds I'm getting one ;-)
It does look like I'm getting taller though.

More Clown Stuff (Pictures Plenty)